Musical Notes and Technology

There are only 12 musical notes but there are an infinite number of potential songs that can be created that are new.

Can this analogy can also apply to building new products? There is a finite amount of existing technology that we can use at this moment in time but an infinite number of 1) products that can be built from combining this existing tech and 2) new tech that can be created by leveraging the existing tools we have.

So, new tech that is created is equivalent to adding an extra note to the existing set of 12 musical notes. Which would increase the infinite amount of possibilities to… 2x as many infinite? But infinity + infinity = infinity…

And new technology like AR or VR really does seem to open up new doors in terms of products that can be built on top of this technology.

So maybe the analogy doesn’t map 1:1 perfectly. But I still think at any given time, given the tech out there, it’s possible to build something new that has value. Maybe there aren’t an “infinite” amount of possibilities, but there sure are a lot.

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