Distribution vs Product

Would you rather be in a position where you have:

  1. A great product but poor or non-existent distribution
  2. An okay product with good or potential distribution

I’d take 2. Why?

Because it’s easy to fall in to the trap of thinking “if you build it, they will come.” But in the world we live in today, especially for internet and software products, there is so much noise (in terms of products out there, options on the table, advertisements etc) that on its own, building a great product is not enough. There has to be a distribution strategy to getting people to experience the value of what you’ve built. A distribution strategy to help them reach that “aha” moment using your product as quickly as possible.

It also helps to make something remarkable. As Seth Godin would say, make a purple cow. Because, if you’re driving past a farm and you see cows, that’s normal. That’s nothing to jump out of your seat for, or tell a friend. But, if you happened to see one purple cow you’d slam the breaks, get out of the car, take pictures, and share it with your friends.

Building a purple cow absolutely helps, but the overall takeaway for myself is think about product and distribution together instead of as stages that happen sequentially.

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