How I Slept and What I Ate Last Week


I am a self-proclaimed tracking junkie (I made that term up). It means I like to track things.

However, tracking for the sake of tracking serves no purpose. It’s only helpful when what I am tracking actually informs and influences my decisions. 

If it’s tracking for the sake of tracking, it’s just overhead which is a waste of my time. But I’ve been tracking what I eat and sleep pretty rigorously:

  • Sleep: Everything gets better when I sleep. I feel better, I work better, I’m less irritable, I don’t succumb to cravings as easily, I make better decisions, I feel smarter yadda yadda yadda. Everything is better when I’m well-rested. The daily feedback I get from the ring forces me to be conscious of improving my sleep quality and forces me to prioritize getting great sleep. 
  • Eat: My goal right now is to maintain muscle and lose body fat. By tracking what I eat and comparing that with the scale, I can easily alter and adjust my pace of weight loss.

Without further ado, here is how I slept and what I ate last week.

How I slept

  • Readiness: That blue bar on top. It was pretty consistent this week. Per Oura: “The readiness score is a measure designed to help you identify days that are ideal for challenging yourself, and those that are better for taking it easy. The score is generated using all of the sensor data, physiological signals, sleep and activity patterns that are monitored by the Oura ring.”
  • Heart Rate Variability: This was also good which = didn’t plummet. HRV is a good indicator of your recovery status. This is relative per person but in general “High HRV is typically a sign of general health and fitness, whereas lowered HRV can be a sign of stress or overtraining.”
  • Resting Heart Rate: The number in the white circle on top. Also pretty consistent over the course of the week. I’ve noticed my resting heart rate really spikes when I drink the night before.

What I ate

  • Calories: I’m targeting ~2050 calories per day right now. So far weight loss is at a pace of 1lb per week (with lifts staying consistent) which is exactly what I’m shooting for! 
  • Diet: I’m on a ketogenic diet right now and what you see in my carb manager app log is pretty much what I ate most of last week. I have that shake every morning before I workout and have the lunch post-workout mid-day. The main thing I switch up in the meal is the protein (salmon, beef, eggs/ bacon etc). I’m a pretty boring eater and can get by eating the same foods on rotation weekly 🙂 

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