Build for 90% of Your Users

Your product is simple to use until it isn’t.

I loved this lesson from a Growth.Design case study that looked at Spotify’s user experience.

There is an urge to build and satisfy every single feature and request that comes in from users. Why?Because that will make everyone happy! Right?

In reality though if you constantly add features for the 5% of power users in your feature, the majority of your users will find the product hard to use.

Therefore, sometimes, less is actually more for everyone.

And by decluttering your products experience, instead of building something of minimal value for everyone, you can build something of maximal value for a group of people.

Lastly, this doesn’t mean never build for power users! You definitely want to keep them happy as well! I think the overall lesson here is view all product decisions not from the perspective of just the user group you’re building it for, but also, from the perspective of other users who might be impacted by it.

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