To Notification or Not To Notification

Today, given the explosion of workplace tools, that each come with their own set of notifications, it’s quite easy to think: I am drowning in notifications.

For example, right now I have notifications in every tool I use for work:

  • Superhuman
  • Slack
  • Clickup
  • Notion
  • LinkedIn

How to deal with all these pings and red notification icons?

One solution is to centralize all the notifications: create one place where I can see everything and triage from there.

But what if the answer is to remove notifications? This could come by reducing:

  • the number of notifications per app
  • the number of total apps needed to work

This deluge of notifcations also serves as a reminder that when creating something with yet another set of notifications, one has to ask more than “are these notifications valuable?” It has to be “are these notifications valuable GIVEN all the other notifications that exist today?” In other words, how much incremental value do they add, where the notification value is tied to the inherent value your product provides.

Which I guess comes back to the ultimate point when creating and building something: make something people want.

Because it’s easier to make something people want than to make people want something.

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