Hospitality exists when you believe the other person is on your side. The converse is just as true. Hospitality is present when something happens for you. It is absent when something happens to you. Those two simple prepositions—for and to—express it all.

I haven’t gotten past this part of “Setting the Table” yet but this definition of hospitality really got me thinking about the difference between for and to.

It reminds me of the difference between “having to do something” vs “getting to do something”

Many people associate exercise with being a challenging task that drains energy and wears you down. You can just as easily view it as a way to develop skills and build you up. Instead of telling yourself “I have to go run in the morning,” say “I get to build endurance and get fast.”

Excited to continue reading this book because I think hospitality can be imbued into everything one does, from our day to day interactions all the way to building a customer-centric company.

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