10 Minute Blocks

It sometimes seems like our days go by so quickly.

But at the same time when we pick our heads up from the daily grind, the days feel so long but the decades feel even shorter.

One day has 24 hours. If you break that in to 10 minute chunks you get 24 hours * 6 ten minute chunks per hour = 144 blocks.

If you sleep for the recommended 8 hours a night (lets say you sleep for exactly seven hours and twenty minutes), then you are sleeping for 44 of those blocks which leaves you with… 100 ten minute blocks in a day.

Below is a visual representation of this:

How we fill our days boils down to how we essentially decide what to fill these blocks with. How many blocks should exercise take up? How about eating? Or reading? What about time on social media? Or watching TV? What about work?

As you start to fill in the blocks, you realize that there is a tradeoff for everything. Should I watch two episodes of a TV show and order in food = 12 blocks… or should I exercise and cook a home cooked meal from scratch = 12 blocks?

I like this visual of a 100 squares because it reminds me to be very conscious of how I’m spending my time. At the end of the day there is only one certainty in life: the constant passage of time (and I guess the end of life = dying too, sorry for the morbidity). And what we do with our time is the most important thing that we can control.

h/t wait but why for the above graphic + inspiration behind this post

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