Being Clear vs Exhaustive

My favorite takeaway from this case study on 9 Ways to Boost Revenues with a Better Upgrade UX

Being Exhaustive

Here’s an example of an exhaustive email to a user of Zapier who recently exceeded their task limit and needs to upgrade in order to resume the execution of their tasks.

While it is common to think that being exhaustive is great (we’ve covered all our bases!) there are several issues here that don’t fit with the urgency of the situation:

  1. Wordiness of content
  2. Divergent call-to-actions
  3. Link to apply for a job (seems irrelevant, right now at least!)
  4. Social media icons (same as above!)

Be Clear

As Growth.Design explains we should try to: be clear, not exhaustive, especially in emails that are critical to your customers.

Emails that are critical to your customers should convey urgency and have one clear call-to-action

This was achieved by shortening the amount of text, emphasizing a single button and removing irrelevant content.

Lastly, this serves as a great reminder that sometimes less is more.

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