Don’t Drink Your Sugar

We’ve all been in this situation before: You’ve been eating clean for days. No, it’s been weeks. Your diet has been on point.

But today, you are going to eat unhealthy food. Whether it’s multiple slices of cake at a birthday party or two different types of pie with ice cream to match on Thanksgiving Day, it’s happening. It’s about to go down.

Your diet is going off the rails today.

But, is there anything you can do to not go really off the rails?

According to Peter Attia, MD, an expert in the applied science of longevity, there is: don’t drink your sugar.

In a recent Instagram Video, Peter Attia shared a tip for how to “not go really off the rails on Thanksgiving Day” but this can really apply to… well, any day of the week because last I checked (with myself 😂) it is possible for one’s diet to go off the rails any day of the week (and twice on Sunday).

tl;dr: if your diet is going to go off the rails, don’t let it go really off the rails: Eat your sugar. Don’t drink it.

If you can avoid one thing tomorrow [in reference to Thanksgiving Day]: avoid liquid fructose. Meaning, I’m going to eat pie tomorrow there’s no mistaking that. I’m going to eat… I’m probably going to eat a lot of pie tomorrow. But I am not going to drink anything that contains fructose and the reason for that I will explain in a podcast with Lew Cantley that will be out in the next couple of months. But if you want to take one little piece of advice… you’re going to go off the rails a little bit tomorrow, don’t go all the way off the rails. And by the time you are drinking things that are sweet you’re really off the rails. So limit what you drink to things that aren’t sweet and save your sugar for food and take my word for it, I’ll provide lots more evidence to this point later, take my word for it: sugar in food, probably less harmful than sugar in liquid.

Peter Attia (Source)

I do take Peter’s word for it but I am very interested in listening to the aforementioned podcast with Lew Cantley to hear the evidence myself; I will absolutely be keeping my ears peeled for it.

Until then… 

*Dos Equis Man Voice*
“I don’t always have sugar. But when I do? I don’t drink it. I chew it.”

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