“Get to” vs “Have to”

Next time you think to yourself “I have to ____” try replacing have to with get to and see what happens.

One of my favorite times to use this trick is when I’m not in the mood to workout. My thought process goes a little something like this:

* It’s 7:00 am *
* I know if I don’t workout now I won’t be able to later today *
* My bed is very comfortable *

I think to myself: “Ugh I have to go workout… I wish I could stay in bed”

I then tell myself: “No, I get to go workout… I get to make myself stronger… I am able-bodied and get to spend an hour pushing myself which will improve my health and make me more effective in everything I do”

It’s a small mental “hack” if you will but I’ve found that using it quickly gets me to better appreciate what I am currently doing and allows me to be more present and grateful for having the opportunity to do what I am able to do.

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