Moderation is the only thing worth doing in Moderation

I first heard this on a podcast episode with Peter Attia and the quote was described as an “Attia-ism”

I would also like it to be an “Arj-ism” as the “quote” really resonates with me.

Something important to clarify is what my interpretation of the quote is.

It does not mean “all or nothing” in terms of quantity or time invested.

  • ie I don’t read this as either have 0 drinks of alcohol or have 15 in one night.
  • ie I don’t read this as spend every waking hour coding or don’t learn to code at all.

It does mean if you’re going to commit to something, or prioritize something in your life, then you make sure it happens no matter what.

  • ie if you are going to exercise 3 times a week, unless you are deathly sick or there is a family emergency, you get those workouts in.
  • ie if you are going to become a better writer then you write every single day no matter what.

In other words another re-framing or corollary of this quote for me is “You get what you repeat” because at the end of the day there is no “moderation” in repeating something, day in, day out, no matter what.

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